ToyTOGGLE: A product that every mom needs.. and a chance to WIN one of three x {CLOSED}


I have discovered a product that I simply cannot live without. If your baby still makes use of a high chair / pram / car seat – this product will change your life. I am not quite sure how this didn’t exist before now, or the fact that it wasn’t a part of my life sooner.

Jords absolutely adores throwing his toys off his high chair leaving them covered in dog hair / slobber from Banjoe who very cleverly waits below for things to drop to his level. I used to have to wipe everything down and wash and sterilise dummies and teething toys more often than necessary. Keeping things clean is especially hard with a cheeky little Jordan who finds it fun to throw toys on the ground and watch you pick it up over and over again. Sausage. Enter Toytoggle.

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