Our Jordan at 8 months old & lots of happy photographs to remember every moment x


On the 21st day of every month I am reminded that yet another month has gone by. It scares the daylights out of me that time is moving so quickly and that in four months you will be ONE YEAR OLD! On the 21st day of each month I reflect on the month gone by and am always blown away with how much you have learnt and developed in a mere four weeks. BLOWN AWAY. I can’t believe you are capable of learning and growing so much in such a short period of time. Leaps and bounds.

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LOVE. And my talent for ridiculous nicknames.


I just have to pop in and put some of my thoughts down as I’m about to explode with emotion. I have NEVER loved anything more than I love being a mom. I honestly believe that God put me on this earth to be a mom. To be JORDAN’S mom. There are HARD times yes, but I have never been so overwhelmed with love for another human being. The love i feel for my child is the type of love i don’t think could ever be explained to someone who hasn’t experienced what its like to become a parent, to BE a parent. When I look at Jordan’s perfect face, his big blue eyes, his little button nose, his gorgeous little pouty lips, I struggle to believe that I have been blessed with such a perfect little boy. One of my favorite things is when he first wakes up in the morning or after his day time naps. The one side of his face is a little red from the warmth of his bed and he has a sleepy smile that he melts me into the ground with. He has this sleepy baby smell, I call him ‘freshly baked’ when he’s just woken up because he’s all warm and he smells just delicious. HOW can this little being be so perfect?

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