Treasure baskets & Heuristic Play for babies.


Jordan has never been an ‘easy’ baby. I mean that with the most amount of mommy love one could possibly have for their child. No babies are easy, this is true, however I have observed other babies and Jords is definitely a level up on the ‘needy’ scale. Since an early age, Jordan has never liked being left alone to explore and play. I spent countless mornings at Thula Baby centre sipping tea and hanging out purely to be in the company of other moms and people who truly understood what I was going through. Jordan is such a curious little boy and gets bored incredibly easily. This means: A LOT of work for us. And by a lot of work, I mean.. it never stops as he cannot be left alone for even 5 minutes without getting upset. Yes parenting is full-time any way but most moms are able to at least put their babies down for a few minutes of alone time on their play mat. Jordan does not do this for more than a few minutes. It is truly exhausting.

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