Our kitchen makeover. YAY!

I have recently partnered up with Plascon and this is our first DIY paint job we have done in our home since. Actually, it’s my first paint job in a house EVER, believe it or not. It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own house, literally JUST to do stuff like this. I’m so thankful.

I have been DYING to share this with you guys, and now that our house is finally back to normal and everything is back its rightful place, I can! Let me please, PLEASE just start off by saying that painting is NOT an easy task. It is NOT as easy as the beautiful DIY’s you see on TV with like 3 steps and then suddenly everything looks like something out of Top Billing. Don’t be fooled, it’s not like that at all. This is what we stared with:On Sunday we headed out to Builders Warehouse and bought all the stuff we needed: turps, brushes, rollers, rolling pans and so on. You get awesome little ‘painters packs’ there for about R60, which include nearly everything you need. I bought two of those so I could just bin them afterwards. It really is worth the bucks, cleaning paintbrushes is a death wish.When we got home I got a little stern talking to from Nic cause I was all eager like ‘let’s do this NOW’. Nic waved his finger at me like ‘uh uh, you have to mask off the area first’. How boring. He’s clearly done this before. Needless to say, I’m so glad we did, it makes life a lot easier, and neater. Nic was the hugest star, it took him close on 3 HOURS to mask off the area. This is because there were stripes involved. Oops. The ‘prepping’ by far takes the longest. I was proving moral support and making Nic lime and lemonade refreshments every half hour. Poor thing has a terribly sore neck after all that. I have a wonderful husband. We put on music, mixed the paint and were finally ready for the fun part. I did a little song and dance with excitement and gave Banjoe a spare paint brush to chew on so he felt a little bit involved too. We blocked him from coming into the kitchen when we did the big wall, otherwise it would have been a royal nightmare, he doesn’t like anything he doesn’t know so would’ve spent about an hour barking at the black bags protecting the floor. Instead, he just popped his head over the bench and watched us patiently. What a good boy. We painted for a few hours, the stripes on the roof took the longest but man alive do they look cool. We used Plascon Crazy Daisy (Y4-A1-1) for the stripes. It’s such a happy colour.I am still completely blown away with the HUGE difference a coat of paint can make. When I look back now, the wall looks SO boring and sparse. And.. painting is SO much fun! Especially the black because it’s so extreme. I have ALWAYS wanted a chalk board wall in my kitchen, I think it’s so much fun. We can write notes to each other and draw silly things, brilliant. We used the PlasconSchool Board paint. We only used one coat and it looks FLAWLESS. I am SO happy with how this little project of ours turned out, couldn’t be happier. We are so proud of ourselves, I suppose cause we know the amount of hard work that went into it. It’s so worth it, our whole house looks different because of it. Thank you to my lovely friend Mel for her inspiration. This girl is such a creative little thing, she has also been so excited for all our home makeover adventures and arrived at my house one evening with a flash drive filled with inspiration – Mel, thank you poppet.

Are you ready????

BEFORE:AFTER:It was a LONG day, we were pooped, even Banjoe was lying all over the show after all the excitement. We poured a little drink and stared at our creation.

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Our home sweet (colourful) home.

This is so exciting for me. We all know how much I love ‘making pretty’ right? ESPECIALLY in our home! Yes?

Well.. I have teamed up with Plascon to do just that and I am beyond excited to get stuck in to making our little house the prettiest little house you’ve ever seen.

I got some inspiring and very unique ideas from the Plascon trends website. It’s amazing how a lick of paint in the right colour can seriously transform a space. I think often people are so afraid of colour, and stick to the same old white/beige walls and although in certain spaces that is gorgeous, it’s important to see the potential of a space and to make something beautiful happen in it. It really is as simple as a fresh, new colour on your walls, even one wall, anything! Plascon has these really cool little catalogue’s that are colour themed, for example if you’re into green, there is a whole book on green paint inspiration. The product colour card booklet is also great if you don’t know what type of paint to choose for what – indoor vs outdoor, floors vs ceilings, etc.

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DIY – Dip It Yourself. See what I did there?


So. I have been wanting to do a bit of DIY for some time now. I suppose its about making the time and not finding it – we all know that NEVER happens. Sunday was a lazy day, it rained and it poured so we spent most of the day inside. We did sneak out for about an hour to go to my favourite shop of all time – Builders Warehouse. I LOVE that place. They literally have everything you will ever need and so much more. We bought house numbers, finally, and brackets for our floating shelves that seem like they actually want to float away. Boo. I also bought some clay pots from the gardening section.

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