Antenatal classes in Cape Town. The best ever.


Nic and I just finished a round of six-week classes at the Thula Baby Clinic in Mouille point. It was an amazing six weeks and I looked SO forward to our classes every Tuesday night. Whilst trying to choose a place to take antenatal classes, I did a bit of a twitter research. There are MANY different options, but Thula was one that seemed to stand out. Someone also told me that every week you get the *best* chocolate cake known to man, and naturally, that was the cherry on top for me.

Heather Wood, our ‘teacher’ is a registered nursing sister, midwife and a lactation consultant. Heather *reaaaaaally* knows her stuff guys. She has experienced it all. I met Heather at the Mommy Matters High Tea for the first time a few weeks before our class and already then I was SO happy that we’d chosen Thula, as Heather is honestly one of the nicest woman I have met. Heather is warm, totally approachable, soft but brutally honest and just plain loving. Oh, and after trying it I can confidently say that she REALLY does make the best chocolate cake in world – which I now have the recipe for, hooray!

I really love Heather’s approach to childbirth and parenting. Heather was neither pro natural or pro caesar, and was so incredibly supportive of everyone’s decisions and ways in which they wanted to go about the labour and birth process. We were all able to speak so openly and honestly and we really got to engage in conversations I didn’t think could get that personal with people we don’t know very well. Fact is, we are all human and in that room, we are ALL going through the same thing – pregnancy. We all have the same fears and concerns and we all have similar if not the same questions. We just learnt SO much. It was also great to hear other girls ask questions about things I didn’t even think to ask but am so glad I know the answer to now. My favorite class out of the six was the last one. A couple from the previous antenatal group brought their baby in to be bathed. Heather showed us how to hold and handle little Lola, how to undress her carefully and correctly, how to change her nappy, how to bath her and how to wash her hair. I really had to quickly pull myself together as I got SO emotional watching this little baby, so small and helpless. It was beautiful. My eyes filled with tears at the thought of having a little baby like that of our own. And SO SOON.

The Thula antenatal classes are on Tuesday nights and run for six weeks. They are from 7-9pm with a little tea break in between for socializing and for pregnant mamas to go to the loo which we need to do very often, and cake of course. The classes are held at Thula Baby Clinic in Mouille Point and the entire six-week course costs R1,200 per couple – it really is so worth it. You can check out the antenatal course outline here to see what you’ll be learning about and to find out when the next course starts. Or check out Heathers website here for any other information you need, including testimonials from real moms.

Once you have had your baby, you are able to make an appointment with Heather at the clinic, return with your baby and have him/her weighed, speak to heather about any breast-feeding or other issues you may be having. Heather will help you with anything you may be unsure of, she’ll help you work out routines for you and your baby and really just assist in any way that she can and you will already know her so well from classes – bonus.

Baby Clinic is a private clinic and they do all the baby vaccinations, baby weighing and they offer night nursing services too. The clinic is such a warm and intimate environment with private and comfy spots for moms to feed while there or have a breastfeeding consultation. As a new mom it’s important to be a space you feel safe.

We met so many lovely couples at the classes, girls I hope to be in contact with for a very long time as we all have our babies, share advice and horror stories and have get-togethers with our babies. After the classes, Heather sent out an email with everyone’s contact details and even started a whats app group for us all to chat. SO cool. Some girls have already had their beautiful babies, CONGRATS lovely girls!

I honestly recommend Thula Baby Clinic to ANY first time parents wanting to learn a thing or thirty before baby arrives. We absolutely loved it and are so glad that we chose to go there – especially for the lovely connections and all the support we have gained.  A lot of ‘already’ parents said to us that antenatal classes are unnecessary, but honestly – they are already parents and they KNOW what they are doing. It’s very easy for them to forget what it’s like to be a newbie and not know what on earth to expect. It’s also a very different story when you don’t have friends with babys and you haven’t been exposed to any of it because you’re the first and you literally know nothing. That was us and I can honestly say that this whole baby venture seems a lot less daunting after all the classes and I am so grateful that we could take part.

Visit Heathers website for more information. x

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  2. I wholeheartedly second this post – the antenatal class at Thula was a great experience! Even for people who have lots of friends and family going through the baby stage, it is great to get other points of view, and just to reassure yourself that what you’re going through is “normal”. It’s important to pick a class where you feel supported, no matter what your choices about birth, breastfeeding, dummies, nappies, etc., and Heather does a great job presenting a balanced picture. There are just too many places out there that leave you feeling judged or inadequate if you’re not subscribing to a particular parenting view, and Thula certainly isn’t one of them – I left feeling like whatever choices we make for our little one, they will work out just fine 🙂

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