ToyTOGGLE: A product that every mom needs.. and a chance to WIN one of three x {CLOSED}


I have discovered a product that I simply cannot live without. If your baby still makes use of a high chair / pram / car seat – this product will change your life. I am not quite sure how this didn’t exist before now, or the fact that it wasn’t a part of my life sooner.

Jords absolutely adores throwing his toys off his high chair leaving them covered in dog hair / slobber from Banjoe who very cleverly waits below for things to drop to his level. I used to have to wipe everything down and wash and sterilise dummies and teething toys more often than necessary. Keeping things clean is especially hard with a cheeky little Jordan who finds it fun to throw toys on the ground and watch you pick it up over and over again. Sausage. Enter Toytoggle.

Toytoggle is a simple and very nifty product made BY moms FOR moms. I love products that are made by actual moms with real experience of what is actually helpful. New moms are money spending machines, ask my husband, he knows. New moms (aka ME) will buy *any* product that is promised to make life easier, no matter the cost. Sadly, I have wasted a lot of money on gimmicks. I cross my heart that Toytoggle is NOT one of these.


If you don’t like sterilising, washing off toys and bottles that fall on the floor – Toytoggle is FOR YOU. If your baby looses dummies and toys – Toytoggle is FOR YOU. The flexible silicone band on the Toytoggle fits around pretty much any size bottle, sippy cup or even snack pot so it’s pretty much guaranteed to work for you. Each Toytoggle comes with one long strap, a flexible silicone band and two shorter straps. You can even use one of the shorter straps to attach a toy or dummy to your baby bag handle for easy access. So clever.


The Toytoggle has really been considered. It’s simple, SO easy to use and lovely to look at. I have three Toytoggles – one for the high chair, one on the pram and one on the carseat.

IMG_3093IMG_3084IMG_3105IMG_3095 IMG_3079

The Toytoggle’s straps have baby safe plastic press studs for easy adjustment and they come in the MOST beautiful colour combinations. You can even custom order your own colour combination at no extra charge. Go here to have a look.


Priced at only R99 – the Toytoggle is a steal. Lets be honest, as parents we don’t always have extra cash floating for ‘nice to haves’ but this is a must-have and it’s very affordable. I have not had them long but already cannot live without our Toytoggles. It’s so wonderful to know that I don’t have to worry about dummies or our beloved Sophie falling on the dirty ground in a shopping centre. Gross.

Head over to the Toytoggle website here to place an order. Visit Toytoggle on Facebook and give them a follow on twitter here.

*WIN* one of three ToyTOGGLES. Here’s how:

1. Comment below telling us your favourite Toytoggle colour combination. Visit the website here to see them.

2. Tweet about the giveaway. You may copy and paste this: ATT Moms: *WIN* a product you simply cannot live without from @Nikki_viola & @Toytoggle. Enter HERE:

3. Share the giveaway on Facebook. Go here to share.

You’re welcome x

*Competition open to South African residents only. Competition closes on 30 April and winners will be announced on 1 May*



26 thoughts on “ToyTOGGLE: A product that every mom needs.. and a chance to WIN one of three x {CLOSED}

  1. Oh my! Where has ToyToggle been all my mothering life!? I have lost count as to the amount of toys that have gotten lost from dropping off prams, high chairs etc. I love the Ocean boy colour.

  2. Just what I need for my little 12 week old, remember constantly cleaning everything with my older daughter as everything landed on floor. LOVE the baby Girl colour pack and the summer girl .

  3. Ooh! Great idea! Thanks Nikki. Sophia hasn’t started throwing her toys yet (:P), but I reckon it’s coming soon. The ‘Africa baby’ colour combo caught my eye:) fingers crossed.

  4. Tweeted, shared and totally in love with the Toytoggle Baby Diva colour combination cause my daughter’s nickname is ‘Miss Madam’. She really is a mini diva 🙂

  5. How could I have not know about this product? It sounds like just what I need (at 16months Jet thinks it’s awesome to throw his things at restaurants, *sigh*)!! I’m torn between Sunshine baby, Africa baby & Ocean Boy. LOVE the colours! {shared on facebook}

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