{WIN} A Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue hamper worth R2,500.

Paw Patrol has been a firm favourite in our household since Jordan first laid eyes on those cute pups. I mean, the kid honestly believes some days that he IS Ryder. I, apparently, am Skye and Banjoe of course, being a bulldog and all is our very own Rubble. Jordan sometimes makes him wear a yellow hard hat so that he really looks the part but it never lasts very long. Jordan is HUGE into role playing and it’s just the sweetest thing.

Jordan has loved Paw Patrol since day one, before he could even pronounce it and used to call it “PawTro” – bless my sweet child.

As parents, we really needs to be careful and stay so in tune with what our kids are watching. Nic and I like to discuss the shows with Jordan as he is watching so that he doesn’t get completely sucked into a trance whilst watching.. it’s quite terrifying when that happens. We love Paw Patrol for the kind hearted nature of Ryder and the pups and how their entire mission is to help their friends and neighbours. I love that the show includes people and problems of all backgrounds and situations and how teamwork is essential in solving problems. Every episode ends on a happy note which is so important for the targeted age group. 

The Paw Patrol episodes really encourage role play with kids as it gives them (and us) endless ideas for games possibilities around the house, such as ‘help mom find the car keys’. We turn everything into a mission because ‘no job is too big and no pup is too small’.

I adore the way way that Paw Patrol has brought nature into the game by introducing the Jungle range of toys. The little characters are soooo cute! Jordan and Micah spent ages driving their vehicles around, Jordan might have even slept with the terrain vehicle in his bed that night. He was so stoked. 

Micah can’t walk past one of the little themed vehicles without stopping for a zoom around, they aren’t dinky or finicky at all, they are super solid and are really good quality. I’m impressed. Any toy for a 3 year old needs to be okay with being bashed around and these have definitely passed the test. Micah knows exactly what to do with the little vehicles and he makes the car sounds and everything. It’s just a joy to watch.

I have teamed up with Just fun Kidz to give you a little more information on a few of the Jungle range products AND to give you guys a chance to WIN a Paw Patrol jungle hamper to the value of R2,500! You can basically win everything you see in this blog post. See more information for each of these products below. 


The Paw Terrain Vehicle – help Ryder and his pal Mateo rescue the baby panther – SO cute. The Paw terrain vehicle has a button on the dashboard that makes tons of different animal and vehicle sounds and also makes the vehicles lights flash. It has a little crane on the back that can be wound up to lift and lower the animal crate so you can rescue the baby Panther.  

2 x Jungle rescue vehicles with characters included. Get all the pups involved in the game and re-enact your kids favourite Paw Patrol Jungle episodes or make up your own ones. 

2 x Individual Paw Patrol characters to really get all paws on deck! Glory I love the Paw Patrol language.


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And… Just incase you don’t win our competition but would still like to get your paws (har har) on these awesome products for your kids, they are available in the following stores:

Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Lilliputs, Takealot, Toy Adventures, ToyZone, Toys R Us and selected Makro, Pick n Pay and Game stores.

Terms and Conditions: 
– Only one entry per person permitted.
– Giveaway will close on Friday the 21st April at 9am.
– Competition open to residents of South Africa only.
– Winner will be randomly chosen.

117 thoughts on “{WIN} A Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue hamper worth R2,500.

  1. Jungle rescue truck. My son love paw patrol n has his birthday next week. he would be so excited if he got this awesome giveway.

  2. When a 3 year old tantrum leave momma teary eyed coz he couldn’t get Marshal or Chase..but settled for a toy egg instead and now having me-time, browsing the internet, I stumble onto this blog post just made me smile! Cole is always rescuing things around the house, the jungle rescue vehicle will most certainly warm his heart ❤

  3. My little one would love the paw terrain vehicle the most because of all the lights and sounds. It’s a really cool toy i wish i had when growing up lols. I really want to win this for him he can’t live without watching the show everyday before school. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize 💙💚💛💜💗

  4. My nephew would love the Jungle rescue vehicles the most because he loves all the pups and he loves cars so it’s a perfect combination. He’s watched all the new jingle episodes and can’t wait for new episodes to be released. Really hoping to win this for him 😍🤗💘💙💚💛💜❣💟💝💗💖💕💓❤💞🙌🙏🙏🙏👌

  5. Wow! What an awesome giveaway. We would go for the jungle rescue vehicles…because there would be one for each child 😊.

  6. My daughters wil go bananas over the Jungle rescue vehicles not only do they love paw patrol but they love anything with four wheels . with their wild and wide imagination This would be such an amazing gift for the two . This will keep them busy for hours

  7. Both my boys loves paw patrol and I think the favroute will be the Terrain vehicle. But all the items will be a definitely hit with my 2 men.
    Holding thumbs.

  8. The Paw Terrain Vehicle because of the flashing lights and sounds. My.son loves toys like those and absolutely adores paw patrol. And I think we deserve to win becoz my son’s name is also Jawdan lol #fingerscrossed

  9. My little boy would absolutely love the Paw Terrain Vehicle! He loves Paw Patrol. His last Birthday party even had a Paw Patrol theme! Would love this giveaway for my little ones!

  10. My daughter, Chicago, is a Paw Patrol fan of epic portion.
    No, you don’t understand…. We have had not one, but two Paw Patrol parties. Or should I say, Paw-tees. #truestory
    As I type this, she is snug as a bug in bed, holding her Chase.
    Some days she thinks she IS Chase! Always on the case.
    Chicago would be beyond delighted with the Jungle truck. In fact, it would probably also be snug in bed with her, and Chase.
    This prize would make her whole year!

  11. Saige would love the jungle rescue vehicle . She is paw patrol mad and would love this to add to her playtime toys.

  12. My son says
    We love them all I can’t wait to share them with my siblings we love paw patrol!
    I know they will have a great long hours of fun sharing and playing

  13. My sons says we “love them all because have something for everyone I want to shared it with my 3 sisters” he will be over the moon if we win!
    P.S love both page

  14. Awesome awesome awesome!!
    This would be so amazing to win for my 2 little ones!! My 5 yr old loves all sorts of figurines.. But paw patrol, esp Chase, is his favourite!!
    My little girl loves Skye… Which little girl doesn’t?
    Would love to win xx

  15. Hope this is not a duplicate comment, but I don’t see my origional comment . My 6 an d 5 year old would really love jungle rescue vehicles. They love re-enacting the rescues

  16. Joshua loves all thing paw patrol. He doesn’t have any from the jungle series yet. The Paw Terrain Vehicle is at the top of his birthday list so would definitely say he want that the most

  17. My son Kenton will love the “Terrain Vehicle” . He has seen them in the stores and will sit there for hours if he could playing with it. I’d love to win this prize for him.

  18. My son is a huge fan and his favourite is chase and Rubble. This would be an amazing birthday present for him 🙂
    The paw terrain vehicle is super awesome.

  19. My son would love the paw terrain vehicle! He absolutely adores Paw Patrol! It’s his birthday in June and this would be a phenomenal gift for him.

  20. My son is a huge fan and his favourite is chase and Rubble. This would be an amazing birthday present for him 🙂

  21. Rockys jungle truck I think.. My grandkids are always complaining that the are “bored” by ouma and oupa.. And too much tv is not great stimulation. Imagine if I had to take this out the cupboard 🙂 they won’t want to leave lol they love paw patrol

  22. I have two little people in my life that would love anything Paw Patrol. But the Paw Terrain Vehicle would definitely be the favourite.

  23. Such awesome toys, my son would love this!! He adores paw patrol!! It’s Quite sweet to see and I actually also quite enjoy it! The Terrain vehicle looks incredible! Think that would probably be a favourite! Fingers crossed for my little munchkin

  24. My son Axl would absolutely love the Paw Terrain Vehicle, he has such a fascination with cranes. Every time he sees one he says mommy you must be me that crane. I’ve been entering all the PAW PATROL competitions I’ve come across since Christmas hoping to win one for my awesome deserving little boy 😉 Thank you for giving me the opportunity again

  25. My 3 year old son would love the Paw Terrain Vehicle! He runs around D our house announcing “nojob is too big, no pup is too small”. He loves Paw Patrol 🐾

  26. My kids (6 and 5) would have hours of fun.. I think they would love The Paw Terrain Vehicle. They already play “pups to the rescue” with their other toys.. it would be awesome for them to play with the real thing 🙂 sharing on Facebook and twitter

  27. My son would love The Paw Terrain Vehicle the most, especially the wind up crane. They love re-enacting the pup rescues and he would have endless hours of fun

  28. Oh my word my son would LOVE this prize! His favourite is Chase so think he would love Chase and his vehicle the most.

  29. My son Tyler would want all of it but he’d would definitely LOVE Chase’s (favourite pup) Jungle Cruiser the most!!!

  30. My son has just discovered Paw Patrol, so this would be a great prize and give me a few hours of peace & quiet 😉 priceless!
    He seems to rather like Marshall – so I think that will be his favourite, otherwise trucks are always a winner for him!

  31. My daughter, Gracie, would love the Paw Terrain Vehicle. She loves all toys that were ‘targeted’ for boys! her sister, Ella, would adore the characters.
    As I’m typing this out, the girls and I are cuddled up on the couch watching Paw Patrol. Easy Sunday morning

  32. Rushdi loves anything and everything to do with Paw Patrol so he would probably lose his nut for the Paw Terrain Vehicle! Or even the Jungle rescue vehicles. He’s mad about all things vehicular!

  33. My son and daughter would love the jungle rescue vehicles so that they could play together. Everyone in our family has been assigned their character . The kids are huge fans! I find it hilarious that one is called Zuma.

  34. Oh woweee!!! My kids watch paw patrol everyday. They can sing the theme song out of their head. They would go crazy over the terrain vehicle. They play and re-enact paw patrol the whole day long. This is an insane prize. I liked on FB and followed on Twitter. So, so hope we win this one!!!

  35. My son’s birthday is coming up in May and Matty would be over the moon if I won this for him. His favourite is the Paw Terrain Vehicle 😀 😀

  36. My boys will just go GAGA over the Paw Patrol Rescue Vehicles. I can see his face light up at those!
    Followed & shared on twitter: @AhaSandy

  37. Oh Gosh, Ultimately choosing just one will be difficult. My Daughter Mila is a massive Paw Patrol fan and has also been since day one. She is so enthralled in it that she goes around on her knees and re-enacts scenes all day. She even insists on eating her food out of a bowl like A Pup sometimes too. She would love the Paw Terrain vehicle. She currently only has 2 of the Pups and I know she would be in her element to actually have any other pups and better yet some of the accessories too.

  38. My daughter would love the jungle rescue vehicle. It would keep her entertained. The characters would be a bonus as well.

  39. My 3 year old would love the Terrain Vehicle and of course any of his favourite characters… Rubble on the double!! 🙂

  40. The bigger the better for my nephews, so the Paw Terrain Vehicle would be a favourite. Also the little characters you get with it are right up their alley!

  41. My son will literally go nuts for each and every one of the items in the hamper but I have a feeling the Paw Terrain Vehicle will take him over the edge… holding thumbs x

  42. I have 2 boys a 18 month old and a 6 year old they both such paw patrol fans both of them have recently started playing together and it’s so cute watching two boys play together. They have chase only so they have a few fights over him. They love Chase it’s their favorite character. My 18 month old loved his star badge and try’s to sing twinkle little star. Chase my eldest loves because it sounds closest to his name which is Chad. I can see both my boys in huge excitement playing with this. Wow.

  43. I think Ivy would love the paw terrain vehicle, anything with lights and noises is a winner, and the baby panther because she loves anything that’s a baby 🙂

  44. I think the paw terrain vehicle. My son is so into trucks and cars that have moving intricate parts and he adores paw patrol so.. a march made in heaven.

  45. The terrain vehicle is epic!! I have an adventurous and busy 2yr old who looooves Paw Patrol. He has PP pjs and stokies.. needless to say PP is a firm favourite in our house 🙂

  46. Gosh these are so amazing, hard to say what Rafe will the love most! I think the The Paw Terrain Vehicle as it’s nice and big and make sounds which he loves.

  47. My son Daniel would absolutely LOVE Jungle Rescue Marshall as that’s his favourite pup of all! Fingers crossed 🙂

  48. I think my daughter will enjoy the Paw Patrol characters the most. She has a very wild imagination and would absolutely have hours of fun with them.

  49. I think my little one. Love the Paw Terrain vehicle the most. Two of his favourite things in the world are Paw patrol and trucks, combining the two might just make him the happiest little boy in the whole entire world! And with all the happiness and smiles he brings to all those around him, he deserves to be the happiest little boy in the whole world.

  50. My kids would love it all, but I think the jungle rescue vehicle with characters will be a highlight. That will keep them busy for hours. Both my kids also love to role play. They just love paw patrol.

  51. Paw patrol jungle hamper!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ AIDEN loves any paw patrol product. And it’s his birthday on the 20’th of April.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  52. My four year old, Dan, would love the Terrain Vehicle! Anything to do with rescuing/saving anything is a BIG hit in our household at the movement! Paw Patrol is a firm fave for “Daniel the Brave”! Liked and followed. Holding fingers and squishy boy toes x

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