WIN! Plascon goodies. HOORAY! [closed]

I have such an exciting Plascon giveaway to share with you, yay! Holidays are coming up and if you’re in the mood for a little bit of DIY around your house then this is for you. People always say to me ‘oh, you’re so lucky, you win everything’ – if you don’t enter, you won’t win. Simple.

Plascon is giving away 2L of paint in any colour of your choice AND a Plascon Spaces magazine to two winners. Seriously, this magazine is crammed with such awesome inspiration; summer trends, ombré paint jobs, paint dipping and so much more.
You really don’t want to miss out. The photography is absolutely breathtaking!

See competition details below. Comment on this post with your twitter handle (if you have one) and tell us what you’d like to repaint / makeover. If you’re not on twitter, simply share the competition on face book using the share buttons below this post.

If you are on twitter, don’t forget to follow @Plascon and @Nikki_viola to WIN!

Good luck friends x

33 thoughts on “WIN! Plascon goodies. HOORAY! [closed]

  1. i’d like to repaint my house..PERIOD!!! house from the outside in the day looks like theirs ghosts living in lol because, the walls are cracked & looking so dilapidated..its really looking embarrassing, so can you help me this summer;)

  2. @Kinkichikn….My dad made me an outdoor patio set as a birthday gift one year and it’s both heavily loved and used. He has moved far away from where I live – so its up to me to maintain it now. Its starting to look a little tired and after stripping it down and repainting it I know it will look fabulous again and will breathe new life into our outdoor entertainment area too!

  3. We’ve been trying to complete our garage for months now…all the prep, concrete, sand,stone and paint needed is sooo costly…winning this and being able to save on paint would mean we could finally finish this for Christmas…
    Twitter handle: @meaganbrache

  4. @lavagirl888 My room is screaming for a new paint job. I really want to do something creative this time around. I am so bored with my bland room, I seriously need a Plascon make-over ASAP! The paint makes all the difference. Holding thumbs!

  5. I really need to paint my daughter’s bedroom and get rid of the ghastly bright pink in exchange ofr a Tiffany Blue and chocolate brown scheme…also need to paint my study and make it more user friendly

  6. I’d really love to give my little girl a bedroom makeover this December, and the Plascon paint and inspiration from Spaces mag would go a long way in creating a very special space for her.

  7. Our new house has a very ugly store room / laundry room and I’d love to give it a coat of fun paint to make it a prettier space and one that makes me smile every time I open the door. @caro_chpark

  8. I recently discovered that my car cannot fit into the garage of my new home. (I know, wtf?) And considering the purpose garages are built for, it’s not the prettiest space. I would like to convert it into a stylin’ fashion studio, which most definitely requires a serial lick of @Plascon pain – so I can finally have a space to kickstart my label! Pick me @Nikki_viola! :p

  9. My Bedroom needs a serious makeover. With the cracks,hole,dampness on the walls. Not to mention the water keeps seeping through on rainy days. Repairs,filling of cracks and holes as well painting needed. I have tweeted and shared to facebook. Twitter name; online61524

  10. @kathcups…I would like to makeover my shelves & my side tables as they are looking a bit grotty…some velvaglo would jazz them up nicely. Got the mini-sandpaper machine ready…just waiting for the energy to kick in…& to get some paint in a nice bright colour!

  11. I would like to make over my toilet because the paint is dull and faded out, and lets face it, sitting in the toilet is fun as it is and then starting at an ugly wall won’t help much lol.

    My Twitter handle is @Roxi_23

  12. Hi Nikki!

    For the past year I’ve wanted to ‘make-over’ a little passageway in our apartment. It’s really small, but has double volume ceilings and a lot of character. It’s crying-out for a bold and eye-catching colour, which’ll be noticeable as you enter our front door. The walls in the passageway are home to our wedding photos as well as an illustration by Daniel Ting Chong – possessions that are really valuable to me… the reason I’d like to renew the space.

    @Andrew_Louw (

  13. I have this old dressing table in the garage that is waiting to be restored (waiting for couple of years now), so I would use the paint for that. Would make it in some interesting colour. That’s actually my plan for these holidays 🙂

  14. I’d LOVE to LOVE my kitchen. It is in dire need of a make over (hence my explanation marks!) At the moment, I just do what I need to do and get the hek out of there! It’s tiny, really tiny, so it’s a bit of a challenge! With a good paint job, I feel it would definitely bring us together 😛

  15. My Moms house hasn’t been painted in a looooong while, it would make her really happy, just the outside of the house, a dash of brightness, it would be a nyc Christmas gift which i cannot give her myself right now.
    This will not only brighten the smile on her face but our house 😉

  16. I’d like to makeover my bedroom – I moved into a new place a few months ago, and the room had previously been painted bright ORANGE.

    Someone had done a rush job and covered it with thin white paint, but did a really bad job at it – some of the orange is still peeking through the white, pretty cheap translucent paint. It looks pretty lame, and I’d like to paint it up really nicely so that my girlfriend will think that I’m manly. Well, even MORE manly than I obviously am.


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